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1 Thessalonians 2 : Paul wants to visit the believers at Thessalonica again

v17 But you are like brothers and sisters to us. We have had to go away from you for a short time. But it was only our bodies that left you. We did not stop thinking about you. We wanted very, very much to see your faces. And we tried very much to visit you again. v18 We wanted to return to you. Certainly, I, Paul, tried again and again to return, but *Satan made it impossible. v19 We wanted so much to visit you because you cause us to hope so strongly! You make us sure that God will continue to work in you. You cause us to be very happy! To us, you are like a *crown that a winner receives. The *crown shows that the winner has done well. You show that our work among you had good results. So, you are our *crown that makes us very happy. We will be very happy when we stand in front of our *Lord Jesus. That will be when he comes again. v20 Yes, it is because of you that we are so happy. We are happy about the results of our work.

Verse 19 A crown is a special kind of hat that people gave to winners then.

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