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1 Peter 5 : Peter finishes his letter

v12 Silas, who is like our brother, has helped me to write this short letter to you. I know that he continues to believe Christ. And he continues to be Christ’s good servant. I have written because I want you to be brave and strong. And I want you to know certainly that God has really been good to us. So, always remember how good God is. And then you will continue to be strong. v13 God has chosen the Christians who are in Babylon city, as he has chosen you. They say ‘hello’ to you. Mark, who is like my son, says ‘hello’ also. v14 When you meet, kiss each other as Christian friends.

I pray on behalf of all of you who are united to Christ. I pray that God will cause you to be without trouble inside yourselves.

Verse 12 Silas was a leader, with Peter, of the Christians who were at Jerusalem (the capital of Israel). See Acts 15:22.

Verse 13 We think that ‘Babylon’ means Rome city (the capital of Italy). At that time, the king of Rome ruled many countries. His soldiers were causing a lot of trouble for Christians. Many, many years earlier, people from Babylon had caused a lot of trouble for Israel’s people. So, the Christians used Babylon as a secret name for Rome.

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