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1 Peter 4 : Christians must be ready to have trouble and pain

v12 My friends, that I love, do not be surprised by trouble and pain. People are causing you bad trouble and pain. But these things are happening to show whether you really believe God. So, do not think that something strange is happening to you. v13 Instead, be happy that you have trouble and pain, like Christ. So then, you will also be very, very happy when Christ comes again. You will be happy when he comes to show everyone how very great and powerful he is. v14 People may say bad things about you because you are Christís. But God will be good to you when that happens. It means that Godís Spirit is with you. Godís Spirit, who is so great and powerful, remains upon you.

v15 But if you do wrong things, then people ought to *punish you. They ought to cause you trouble and pain. So, be careful that none of you receives trouble and pain because of wrong things. You must not kill anyone. You must not rob anyone. You must not want to know more than you should know about other peopleís lives. None of you should ever have to receive trouble and pain because you have done those things. v16 But if you have trouble and pain because you are a Christian, do not be ashamed. Instead, thank God that people call you by Christís name.

v17 The time has come that God should begin to decide about people. He will decide what should happen to them. And he will decide first about the people who belong to him. God will decide even about us, who are his own people. Then he will decide about the people who do not obey his good news. So, very bad things must happen to those people in the end. v18 The Bible says:

  ĎEven good people have many difficulties

  before God finishes saving them.

  So, think about the bad people who do not obey God.

  Very bad things must happen to those people!í

  [Proverbs 11:31]

v19 So then, people may cause you trouble and pain because God chooses that. But you should continue to believe God, who made you. God always does what he has promised. So, continue to believe that he will be good to you. And continue to do what is good.

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