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1 Peter 3 : Wives and husbands

v1 You wives, each of you also should obey your own husband. There may be some husbands who do not believe Godís message. But if their wives obey them, those husbands may turn to God. They may decide to believe God, even if their wives have said nothing to them about Godís message. v2 Those husbands will see that you wives do only good things. They will see that you really obey God.

v3 Do not be trying always to make your bodies beautiful. You do not need to prepare your hair in an expensive way. You do not need to wear gold or expensive clothes. v4 Instead, be beautiful because of what you are really like inside yourselves, in your *spirits. Be patient and quiet, and do not become angry easily. Do not want to show everyone how important you are. Then you will never stop being beautiful. If you are beautiful in your *spirits like this, it is worth very much to God. v5 This was how, many years ago, good women made themselves beautiful. They believed God. God would do what he had promised. They believed that. And so, because they were Godís servants, they obeyed their own husbands. v6 They did the same as Sarah. She obeyed her husband, Abraham, and she called him, ĎMy masterí. You wives also should do what is right. You should not let anything make you afraid. Then you will be like true daughters of Sarah.

Verse 6 Abraham was the grandfather of Israelís people. Sarah was his wife. (See Genesis 11:27-23:20.)

v7 Also, each of you husbands must live properly with your own wife. You should understand properly what she needs. She is not as strong as you are. So, you should remember that and you should be kind to her. Remember that God has promised the same thing to both her and you together. He has promised that you will live with him always. So, you must be kind to your wife. And then nothing will stop God from answering what you pray.

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