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1 Peter 1 : Christians should do what is good

v13 So, because of everything that God has done on your behalf, you must be ready to obey him. Get your mind ready to obey. Think seriously and clearly. Always continue to hope completely for the good things that you will receive from God. You will receive those things when Jesus Christ comes again. v14 Always obey God, like good children who obey their father. Before you knew Christ, you wanted to do bad things. Do not let yourselves do those bad things any more. Do not let them rule you. v15 God, who has chosen you to be his people, is completely good. So, whatever things you do, you must be completely good also. v16 The Bible says: ‘Be completely good, because I (God) am completely good.’

Verse 16 In the book of Leviticus, God says 5 times that we should be completely good, like him. (See Leviticus 11:44, 45; 19:2; 20:7, 26.)

v17 When you pray to God, you call him Father. God decides about every person because of what that person has done. God decides what should happen to every person. And God is always fair when he decides about people. He is never kinder to one person than he is to another person. So always obey God, your Father, while you live as strangers here on earth. Always remember how great and powerful God is. v18 Your parents and the people who lived before you taught you to do certain things. Those things were worth nothing to God. But now God has saved you from doing things like that. You know that he has bought you for himself. He did not buy you with things like silver (a valuable metal) or gold, which will come to an end. v19 Instead, he bought you with Christ’s own blood, which is worth very, very much to God. Christ was like a lamb (young sheep) that had nothing wrong with it.

Verse 19 Many years ago, God told Israel’s people to kill lambs (and other animals) and offer them to him as gifts. The animals had to have nothing wrong with them. Those gifts to God showed that the people were sorry. They were sorry because of the wrong things that they had done. They offered animals to God so that he would choose not to remember those wrong things. So then he would not *punish them.

‘Christ’s blood’ means his death on the cross. Christ was completely good. He never did anything wrong. He died on our behalf. And he did much, much more than any dead animal could ever do. He took away all the wrong things that anyone has ever done.

v20 Before God made the world, he had chosen Christ already. God had decided already that Christ would save us. But now, during these last days, God has shown Christ to the world so that he could help you. v21 It is because of Christ that you believe God. God raised Christ, so that he became alive again after his death. Then, God showed how very great and powerful Christ is. That is why you believe God. You are sure about him. He will do what he has promised. You are sure about that.

v22 You have made yourselves really good and clean because you have obeyed God’s true message. As a result, now you can really love other Christians, who are like brothers and sisters to you. So, continue to love each other very much. Love each other as much as you can. v23 God’s message causes people to become alive. It will continue always and it will never change. You have been born again, into a new life, because of that message. It is not your human parents who caused you to be born into this new life. They must die. But it is God himself who has caused you to be born again. And he can never die. v24 The Bible says:

  ‘All people are like grass.

  Everything that is good or beautiful about people is only like the flowers in the fields.

  The grass becomes dry and it dies.

  Flowers fall off after a short time.

v25  But the message that the *Lord has spoken will continue always.’

  [Isaiah 40:6-8]

That message is the good news, which people have taught you.

Chapter 2

v1 So, you must refuse to do bad things. Always say only things that are true and right. Do not say one thing when really you mean something else. Do not want other people’s things so much that you stop being kind to those people. Do not say bad things about people. v2 Instead, you should want always to know God more and more. New babies always want their mothers’ milk, which makes them grow strong. Like them, you should want the true milk, which comes from God. Always want very much to know more about God’s message. That message is like good food that will make you strong in your *spirits. It will make you stronger and stronger, so that God will save you completely. v3 Already, you have begun to know how good the *Lord is. So, you should want to know him more and more.

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