Downloading EasyEnglish Publications

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Most EasyEnglish publications are available in two formats: HTML and RTF. Some are available in DOC format or ZIP (Zipped RTF) format.

Using HTML (to view, print and download a document)

If you just want to look at a document on the screen, the quickest way is to click on the HTML link. If you want to, you can then use the File menu on your browser to print the document or save it onto your computer.

Using RTF (to download a document)

The advantage of RTF files is that you have more control on the formatting of a publication. You can use your word processor to change the fonts, the page size and so on.

To download an RTF file:

  1. With your right mouse button click on the RTF link. (or press "Ctrl" at the same time as the mouse button on a Mac).
  2. Select "Save Link As" (Netscape) or "Save Target As" (Internet Explorer) from the pop-up menu.
  3. You should see a dialog box asking you to choose a place to save the file on your computer. Make sure you select a folder where you know you will be able to find it again.
  4. Press the "OK" button and the file will download. It will usually only take a few seconds, but may take a minute or two depending on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection.

Once you have downloaded the RTF file you can open it in your word processor. To open an RTF file:

  1. Start your word processor.
  2. Choose Open from the File menu.
  3. In the Open File dialog box, find the folder where you saved your RTF file.
  4. You should see a pull down menu called something like Files of type. From this menu, select either "RTF", "Rich Text Format" or "All Files".
  5. The RTF file should now show up in the file list. Select it and press the Open or OK button.

The following word processors can all open RTF files:

If you are using one of these, and you don't have a 'Rich Text Format' entry in your 'Files of Type' list, or if when you open the file you see a lot of garbled text, you may be missing the RTF translator for your word processor. Contact the technical support for your software.

If your favourite word processor is not on this list, check your manual to see if you are able to open RTF files.

Using DOC (to download a document)

Some documents are available as DOC files instead of RTF. This is because the RTF would take too long to download. You can download a DOC file in exactly the same way as an RTF file.

Using ZIP (to download a document)

A few large documents are available as Zipped RTF files. Zipped files download quickly and take less space to store on your computer. Proceed as above for RTF but right click on the ZIP link.

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