Simple Truths

For many years, God’s people have used a collection of questions and answers to help them teach new believers the truths that are most important to them. This book explains these important truths to a new generation of people who follow Jesus.

It contains 144 Questions and Answers. It is written with readers of English as a Second Language in mind. It is written in a way that makes it easy to translate into other languages.

Each question is immediately followed by an answer, and each answer is followed by selections from the Bible.

The questions are divided into five sections:

  • God and Man (26 questions)
  • Sin and Law (36 questions)
  • Christ and Salvation (28 questions)
  • Spirit and Church (27 questions)
  • Prayer and Hope (27 questions)

You can open the book or download it as a PDF.

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About the Authors

Tom Castor is the founder of the Clear and Simple Media Group, a ministry of the Baptist General Conference of Canada and Converge. Tom is a seasoned writer and communicator who has done pioneer mission work in the subarctic of Canada, church planting in a restricted access country in South East Asia, and story development work in Africa. He did his undergraduate work in Biblical studies and English literature, and he has a graduate degree in linguistics.

Susan Moore is a retired Christian counsellor who served on a church ministry staff for many years in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She loves camping and all things outdoors with her husband Mark, kids and grandkids.

Translated into EasyEnglish by MissionAssist