The Book of Revelation is a book about the future. It is the last book in the Bible's New Testament. Its author was John, who was a disciple (student) of Jesus.

The Book of Revelation uses picture stories to describe future events. These stories are often difficult to explain. But the book contains some clear lessons about the future:

  • Good people will not always suffer. God has prepared a home in heaven for everyone who trusts Jesus. Nobody will be sad there. Heaven will be a wonderful place.
  • There will not always be evil rulers. Their cruelty will end. Their power will end. God will punish them.
  • Jesus will return to this earth. Then everyone will know that Jesus is God. And he will be the judge of everyone.
  • The devil will not always be powerful. God will punish the devil. And the devil will lose his evil powers.
  • We must invite God into our lives now. Terrible things will happen before Jesus returns. But God will protect us if we trust him.