The Gospel of Mark is the second book in the New Testament part of the Bible. Mark was the first person to write a Gospel. A Gospel is a book that describes the life and death of Jesus. The Gospels also explain how Jesus came back to life again.

People think that Mark got his information from Peter. Peter was a friend of Jesus.

Mark's Gospel is the shortest life story of Jesus. It is an exciting book. Jesus did many wonderful things. He cured ill people. He spoke wise words about God. And he warned about future events. The people were excited about Jesus. They followed Jesus. They listened to him. But they did not realise why God sent Jesus. They thought that Jesus would become their king. But Jesus knew the real reason why God sent him.

The rulers hated Jesus. They thought that Jesus would destroy their country. They did not care whether God had sent Jesus. They decided to kill Jesus. Jesus knew about this. But Jesus allowed these things to happen, because this was God's plan.

When Jesus was dying, the people were very afraid. Even Jesus' friend, Peter, denied that he knew Jesus. Even the priests insulted Jesus. Jesus' death was a terrible death (Mark chapters 14-15).
But some important people believed Jesus, even when he died. An important soldier said, 'This man (Jesus) was God's son.' And Joseph from Arimathea was bold, and he buried Jesus' body in his own grave. But, two days later, an angel (servant of God from heaven) announced that Jesus was alive again. Later, Jesus himself met his friends. They saw that he was alive. And he told them to take God's message to people from all nations.

Mark wrote his gospel for everyone. He did not only write it for his own people. People from all nations can become Christians.