Galatians is a book in the New Testament part of the Bible.
The Book of Galatians is a letter. Paul wrote it. It might be the first letter that Paul wrote to a Christian church. At that time, many people who were not Jews were becoming Christians. Some people said that the new Christians also needed to become Jews. These people said that the new Christians must obey all the laws and traditions of the Jews.

Paul said that a person became a Christian by believing in Jesus Christ. Jesus died to take the punishment for their evil deeds. They did not need to obey the laws and traditions of the Jews.

Many people today do not obey the traditions of the Jews. But these people have their own traditions and ideas. But traditions cannot be more important than God. So, these people must trust Jesus.

Paul also wrote about how Christians should live. They should show love and joy. They should be calm. Christians should be patient, kind and good. And Christians should be loyal, gentle and show discipline. (Galatians 5:22-23.) Christians do good deeds to please God. But they are Christians because they trust in Jesus. So, their good deeds do not make them Christians.