1 Timothy

This letter is in the Bible's New Testament. Paul wrote it to Timothy. He was a young follower of Paul who was looking after the church in Ephesus. Paul warned him about false teachers.

In 1 Timothy 1, he wrote about false teachers of the law. These men gave long speeches about God's law. But they did not know the purpose of the law. And they did not know that they must love other people. In 1 Timothy 4, Paul writes about some more evil teachers. He warns Timothy not to listen to them. Instead, Timothy should teach people to trust God (1 Timothy 4:9-11).

He then told Timothy about meetings in church. He described how they should pray. He told him how women should behave. He described the qualities that church leaders must have. Paul then told him how to care for different groups in the church. These included slaves, widows, and church leaders. He told Timothy to be content. And, Timothy should not love money. But he should learn to improve his character while he serves God.