1 Kings

1 Kings is a book about the history of the people called Israelites. It is in the Old Testament, in the Bible. The Books of Kings continue the story that began in the Books of Samuel. In these history books, the Bible contains many examples which teach how we should live (2 Timothy 3:16).

1 Kings begins with the story of Solomon. Solomon was a wise king at first (1 Kings 3). Then he became rich (1 Kings 10:14-29). He built a temple (house of God) in Jerusalem (1 Kings 6). But then Solomon took many wives. When he was old, they encouraged him to serve evil gods (1 Kings 11).

After Solomon died, there was a revolution. The country called Israel became two countries. The south was called Judah. Rehoboam was the first king of Judah. The north was still called Israel. Here Jeroboam became king (1 Kings 12).

The writer wants to teach a lesson. When the kings obeyed God, the people were at peace. When the kings did not obey God, but served other gods, bad things happened. When the people of Israel stopped serving God, he sent a prophet (a holy man). He was Elijah. He did wonderful things. He told the people to serve God again.