Zephaniah 2:4-7

The Lord will destroy the Philistines

4 Then, the people who have lived in Gaza city and Ashkelon city will not be there.

Enemies will also send away the people in Ashdod city at midday. And those enemies will destroy Ekron city.

5 It will be very bad for you people who came from Crete island, who live beside the sea!

The Lord's message is against you.

I will also kill all you people called Philistines, who live in the country called Canaan!

You will all die. So nobody will live there.

6 By the sea, there will be houses for people who feed sheep.

There will be safe places for their sheep.

7 Those people in Judah who love God will live there, by the sea.

They will have food there.

They will lie down to sleep in Ashkelon city's houses.

The Lord, their God, will be with them.

He will stop their troubles.