Zephaniah 1:14-2:3

The great day of the Lord

14 The time for the great day of the Lord is coming very soon.

It will happen quickly.

Strong men will weep when they hear the noise of it.

15 The Lord will be very angry at that time.

It will be a time when there will be trouble.

On that day, he will destroy everything bad.

It will be very dark. At that time, there will be thick dark clouds.

16 At that time, people will make a noise with trumpets. They will shout when they go to fight in a war.

In the fight, they will try to destroy the strong walls of cities.

And they will try to destroy the strong high parts of the walls.

17 I will cause trouble for people.

So they will walk like people who cannot see.

This is because they have not obeyed the Lord.

Their blood will fall to the ground.

Yes, they will fall to the ground and they will die. After that, they will be nothing.

18 Their money will not save them,

on the day when the Lord is angry.

He watches.

And he is angry when his people love other gods.

So, he will send fire on the earth.

Yes, he will quickly kill all the people who live in Judah.

Zephaniah 2

1 Come together!

Yes, you people, come together and think.

You do not know how to be ashamed!

2-3 The wind takes away the dry parts of a plant that covered the seed.

It will be like that when I punish you.

Before it is the time for me to punish you, look for me.

Before this time is past, look for me.

Look for me, before I become very, very angry with you.

There will be a day when the Lord will be angry. Look for me, before that day.

Yes, look for the Lord, all you people who want to make him happy.

You have done what the Lord wants.

Continue to do what is good.

But do not think that you are great.

Perhaps you will find a safe place

on the day when the Lord is angry.