Song of Songs 8:8-14

8 We have a younger sister.

Her breasts have not yet grown.

What will we do on her behalf when it is the time for her to marry?

9 If she is a wall, we will build towers out of silver on her.

If she is a door, we will put boards of cedar wood over her.

The young woman:

10 I am a wall.

My breasts are like towers in the wall.

So, to him, I have become like someone who gives pleasure to him.

11 King Solomon had a vineyard in Baal Hamon.

8:11Baal Hamon may be the place where the vineyard was. Or perhaps it only means the rich country where Solomon was king.

People could come and they could pay 1,000 pieces of silver for its fruit.

12 But my own vineyard is mine. It is a gift to you, my king.

The 1,000 pieces of silver are for you to keep, Solomon.

But I will give 200 pieces of silver to those who watch over its fruit.

8:12The numbers are not important.

The young man:

13 You have been in the garden with your friends for a long time.

Let me hear your voice!

The young woman:

14 You love me. Come away.

Be like a gazelle or like a young deer on the mountains that are full of spice.