Song of Songs 8:1-7

1 I want you to be like a brother who drank at my mother's breasts!

I want us to be like a brother and sister.

So, if I found you outside, I would kiss you.

And nobody would think about me as a bad person.

2 I would lead you to my mother's house.

I would bring you to the mother who has taught me.

I would give to you wine with spices to drink.

I would give to you my pomegranate drink that tastes lovely.

3 His left arm is under my head. His right arm pulls me near to him.

4 I say this to you, young women of Jerusalem,

please do not cause someone to feel love for another person,

not until he or she wants to.

I am saying this because I really mean it.

I ask you not to do it.

The young women of Jerusalem:

5 Someone is coming up from the desert with the man who loves her!

Her head is on the man's shoulder.

The young woman:

Under the apple tree, I woke you up.

There your life started in your mother's body.

There your mother was in pain during your birth.

6 Pull me near to you, like a seal over your heart.

8:6A man might put a seal in something and hang it round his neck. So it would lie over his heart. Or he might wear it over his arm or on his finger.

Put me like a seal over your arm.

Keep me there always, because love is as strong as death.

A dead person never comes alive out of their grave.

A man who loves his wife will never let another man take her away from him.

And I do not want you to love another woman.

Love burns like a hot fire.

It burns with bright flames.

7 Lots of water cannot put it out.

Rivers cannot carry it away.

A rich man might give everything that he has to buy someone's love.

But people would tell him that he was very silly!

A younger sister

The young woman's brothers: