Song of Songs 8

The young woman:

1 I would like it if you were my brother

who drank milk from my mother's breasts!

If you were my brother,

if I found you outside, I could kiss you.

Nobody would think that I was doing something wrong.

2 I would lead you to my mother's house.

She is the one who has taught me.

I would give you wine with spices to drink,

the juice from my pomegranates.

3 His left hand is under my head.

His right hand brings me near to him.

4 Promise this to me, young women of Jerusalem:

Do not cause our love to wake up.

Do not cause it to become too strong

until the time is right.

The young women of Jerusalem:

5 Who is this who is coming from the desert?

Her head is on her lover's shoulder.

The young woman:

Under the apple tree,

I caused your love to wake.

That is the place where your mother became pregnant.

In that place too, your mother gave birth to you in pain.

6 Keep me near to you, like a seal over your heart.

8:6A man might put a seal on something to show that it belongs to him. He might hang a valuable thing around his neck. Or he might wear it on his arm or on his finger.

Keep me like a seal on your arm.

Keep me there always,

because love is as powerful as death.

It keeps hold of people as strongly as the grave does.

Love burns like a hot fire.

It burns with bright flames.

7 Even a flood of water cannot stop the flames.

Rivers of water cannot carry it away.

A man might try to give all his riches

to buy a woman's love.

But she would refuse to accept what he offers to her.

The young woman's brothers:

8 We have a younger sister.

Her breasts have not yet grown.

What will we do to help her

when it is the time for her to marry?

9 If she is a wall,

we will use silver to build towers on her.

But if she is a door,

we will use boards of cedar wood to keep the door shut.

The young woman:

10 I am a wall.

My breasts are like strong towers.

So my lover is happy when he looks at me.

11 King Solomon had a vineyard in Baal Hamon.

He allowed other people to take care of it.

They each paid him 1,000 silver coins for its fruit.

12 But my own vineyard belongs to me alone.

I take care of it myself.

You may keep the 1,000 silver coins, Solomon.

And I will give 200 silver coins to those who take care of the fruit.

The young man:

13 You have been staying in the garden

with your friends who are listening to you.

Let me too hear your voice!

The young woman:

14 Come quickly to me now, my lover!

Run like a gazelle or a young deer.

Come to the mountains that have sweet spices!