Song of Songs 7

The young man:

1 How beautiful are your feet in sandals, my princess!

7:1The woman has married someone who is in the king's family. Or this is to show only that she is special. That is all. So people would think that she is like someone in a king's family. She feels important. She walks and she talks like a lady.

Your legs are beautiful as they move!

They are like valuable stones

that a craftsman's hands have made into a lovely shape.

2 Your navel is like a round cup that is full of good wine.

Your stomach is the shape of many plants that a farmer has picked for food.

Lilies are round the edge.

3 Your breasts are like two young gazelles

born to their mother on the same day.

4 Your neck is like an ivory tower.

Your eyes are like the pools in Heshbon, by the gate that is called Bath Rabbim.

Your nose is like the tower of Lebanon,

the building from where people can look towards Damascus.

7:4Heshbon was a town in the country where Solomon was king. Damascus was an important capital city. Nobody has discovered the gate that is called Bath Rabbim. So we do not know anything about it.

5 At the top, your head is like the mountain that is called Mount Carmel.

7:5Mount Carmel is a mountain near where the man and the woman live.

Like a crown, it makes your whole body even more beautiful.

Your hair hangs down and it shines like long, thin pieces of silk.

It is like silk that queens use for their clothes.

It is so beautiful that a king would keep his eyes towards it all the time!

6 You are very, very beautiful.

I love you.

Many things about you give a lot of pleasure to me.

7 You are tall like a palm tree.

Your breasts are like groups of fruit that are very near to each other.

8 I said, ‘I will climb the palm tree. I will take hold of its fruit.’

I want your breasts to be like the groups of fruit on the vine.

I want the smell from your mouth to be like apples.

9 When I kiss you, I want your mouth to be like sweet wine.

The young woman:

I want the wine to pour out to the man who loves me.

I want to pour it over his lips and over his teeth.

10 This man loves me and I belong to him.

He wants me very much.

11 You love me!

Come! I want us to go away from the towns.

I suggest that we stay in the villages for the night.

12 We can go early to the vineyards.

We can see if the vines have flowers on them now.

We can see if the flowers have opened.

We can see if the pomegranates have flowers.

There I will give my love to you.

13 The mandrakes send out their lovely smell.

There is every good thing to eat at our door.

7:13Sometimes people stored fruit in a cupboard over the door of their house. Then it would become dry, sweet fruit. People would like to eat it like that.

You love me and I have stored new and old things for you.