Song of Songs 5

The young man:

1 I have come into my garden, my sister and my new wife.

I have taken my myrrh with my spice.

I have eaten my honeycomb and my honey.

I have drunk my wine and my milk.

Their friends:

Eat, friends, and drink. You love each other!

Drink until you no longer need a drink.

A dream about a young man

The young woman:

2 I slept but my heart was awake.

5:2The woman sleeps. She has another dream. The woman is telling her friends about her dream.

Listen! The man who loves me is knocking.

‘Open the door for me, my sister,’ he said.

‘You are my best friend that I love the most.

To me you are like a dove.

Nobody is more lovely than you.

Water from the night air covers my head.

My hair is very wet.’

3 I said, ‘I have taken off my day clothes.

I do not want to put them on again.

I have washed my feet.

I do not want them to get dirty again.’

4 The man who loves me pushed his hand through the hole in the door.

My heart began to go quicker for him.

I could feel it and I could almost hear it.

5 I stood up to open the door for the man who loves me.

My hands were wet with myrrh.

Myrrh was dropping from my fingers on the door handle.

6 I opened the door for the man who loves me. But he had left.

He was gone.

I felt full of love for him when he spoke.

I looked for him but I did not find him.

I spoke his name loudly but he did not answer.

7 The city guards were working.

They found me while they were walking through the streets of the city.

They hit me and they hurt me.

And the marks on my body show this.

Those guards on the city walls took away my robe.

8 Please find the man who loves me, Daughters of Jerusalem!

If you find him, please speak to him about me.

Please tell him that I am weak with love.

The man that you love

The young women of Jerusalem:

9 You are the most beautiful among women.

How is the man that you love better than other men?

How is he better than other men, that you ask us to say this?

The young woman:

10 His face and his body shine because of the sun.

He is the greatest among 10,000 men.

11 His head is valuable like pure gold.

The hairs on his head are black, but they are not straight.

They are black like the night with no moon.

12 His eyes are like doves by the water streams.

They are like doves that someone has washed in milk.

They sometimes shine like valuable stones.

13 The sides of his face are like spice plants in the ground that have a lovely smell.

His lips are like lilies with myrrh that falls from them.

14 His arms are like long round pieces of gold

and some valuable stones are over them.

His body is like ivory that someone has caused to shine.

A few valuable, blue stones make it even more beautiful.

15 His legs are straight and strong like round pieces of beautiful stone.

His feet are of pure gold.

He is tall like Lebanon, as handsome as its best cedar trees.

16 His mouth is very nice in every way.

Everything about him is lovely.

I say to you, young women of Jerusalem,

this is the man who loves me.

This is my true friend.