Song of Songs 1

Falling in love

1 Solomon's Song of Songs.

The young woman:

2 Please kiss me with your lips!

Your love makes me happier than wine does.

3 You have put something on your body.

Certainly, it has a lovely smell.

The sound of your name causes me pleasure like that too.

I am not surprised that the young women love you!

4 Take me away with you. Come quickly.

I want the king to take me into his rooms.

1:4The man may be a king. Or, to her, he may be like a king. This is because she has a lot of respect for him.

The woman's friends:

1:4The woman is with some friends. The women friends are speaking about the man, not about the woman.

We are very happy!

You make us happy.

Your love is better than wine. We will speak and sing about it.

The young woman:

I agree! They are right to think about you like that. And they are right to love you like that.

5 Daughters of Jerusalem, my skin is dark but lovely.

1:5The writer calls the friends the ‘Daughters of Jerusalem’. Jerusalem was the capital city where Solomon was king.

It is dark like the tents of Kedar.

1:5Kedar was a group of people. They moved from place to place. They lived in tents. They made tents of black goats' hair.

It is dark but lovely like the curtains in Solomon's tent.

6 Do not continue to look at me because my skin is dark.

The sun has made my skin like this.

My mother's sons were angry with me.

They caused me to work in the vineyards. I had to watch over the vineyards.

So I could not watch over my own vineyard.

7 I love you, my dear one.

1:7The woman now speaks to the man that she loves.

Tell me where your sheep eat the grass.

Where do you lead your sheep so that they can rest at midday?

1:7The woman speaks to the man. She wants to know where he will be. She does not want to look here and there for him.

When I am near your friends with their animals,

I do not want to wear a veil over my face!

1:7She might wear a veil. Nobody except the man would recognize her. But she does not want to seem like a woman who has sex for money. So she does not want to cover her face.

A lily among thorns

The young man:

8 You are the most beautiful woman of all.

If you do not know where to find me,

follow the marks from the feet of the sheep.

Let your young goats eat grass by the tents of those who watch over the sheep.

1:8So the man and woman meet as they have agreed.

9 You are my best friend. I love you more than anyone else.

You seem to me like a female horse that pulls one of Pharaoh's chariots.

1:9Pharaoh is the name that people use for all the kings of Egypt. Egypt is a country near to where King Solomon lived.

10 Your face is beautiful with ear-rings.

Round your neck are valuable stones, which make it very pretty.

11 We will make ear-rings for you. We will make them out of gold with pieces of silver in.

1:11The man says that people will see the woman easily in a group of men and women.

The young woman:

1:12After this meeting, the woman talks to her friends about her time with the man.

12 The king was lying down and he was eating.

I had put something on my skin that has a lovely smell.

This smell moved into the air.

13 To me, the man that I love is like a little bag of myrrh.

He is like the little bag of myrrh that lies between my breasts.

14 To me he is like a group of henna flowers.

He is like flowers that grow in the vineyards at En Gedi.

1:14En Gedi is the name of a pool of water in a desert.

The young man:

15 How beautiful you are!

My best friend, you are very beautiful! Your eyes are like doves.

The young woman:

16 You are very handsome and you love me.

You are very lovely!

This green field of fresh, long grass is our bed.

17 The beams of our house are the cedar trees.

The trees, with green leaves all of the time, are above us like a roof.