Song of Songs

About the Song of Songs

This is a book about love. It is a story about a man and a woman. The man loves only the woman. The woman loves only the man.
We read about the woman's brothers. We read about the woman's mother. There is also a group of friends.
We do not know, always, who is speaking. Also, we may not know which person they are speaking to. For example, the woman sometimes speaks to the man. Sometimes she speaks to the group of women friends. Sometimes she may only be speaking aloud. This is to show her thoughts to us. Maybe sometimes the woman is only thinking and hoping. It may not be happening outside of her mind. To help you, we have put the names of the people above their words. This is how we understand it.
In some countries, the parents decide about the person that their child will marry. The man and woman may not know each other much until after they are married. In other countries, they meet each other. But their parents have not decided this. The man and woman may have a long time to be best friends. Then they marry.
This book does not say anything about the marriage. It seems that the man and woman do have some time together before the marriage. They enjoy that time. But they do not have sex until after the marriage.
Often a word or a group of words can mean two things. For example, the word vineyard can mean that the woman is in a vineyard. Also, the word vineyard can mean that she is like a vineyard. The word garden can mean that the man and woman are in a garden. But it can also mean that the woman's body is like a garden. The writer uses the word garden to mean the woman's body in chapter 4. This is when the man and woman are enjoying sex.