Song of Songs

About the Song of Songs

Solomon was a very rich king. He lived more than 900 years before Jesus Christ. He wrote down many songs and proverbs. ‘Song of Songs’ means that this is the best song of all the songs that he wrote down.
This book has poems about love. It is about love between a man and a woman. In some of the poems, the man is speaking to the woman. In other poems, the woman is speaking to the man. There are also other people, like the woman's friends. We are not always sure who is speaking which poem, but we have shown which person is probably speaking in each place.
We see that the man and the woman do not know everything about each other. They are trying to understand one another. Their love for each other is very strong.
Because these are poems, there is a lot of picture language. A word or a group of words can mean two things. Words like ‘vineyard’ or ‘garden’ may describe something beautiful, like the woman's body. We see this in chapter 4, when the man and woman enjoy each other's bodies.