Romans 7:1-6

Christians are free from the authority of Moses' Laws

1 My Christian friends, you know about laws. You know that we have to obey them. The laws have authority over someone while they are still alive. 2 So think about this. A woman who has a husband must stay with him as long as he still lives. That is what the law says. But if her husband dies, she becomes free from that law about her husband. 3 While her husband is alive, the law has authority over her. If she goes to live with another man, the law says that she has done something wrong. But if her husband dies, she becomes free from that law. If she then marries another man, she will not be doing anything wrong.

4 My friends, it is like that for you too. When Christ's body died on the cross, you were united with him. It is like you have died, so that you are no longer under the authority of Moses' Laws. Now you are free to belong to someone else. You belong to Christ, whom God raised up after his death. As a result, we can live in a good way that will make God happy. 5 In our old lives, we did the bad things that we wanted to do. Moses' Laws brought bad thoughts into our minds. As a result, our bodies did many wrong things. In the end, those bad things lead to death. 6 But now we have become free from the Law that God gave to Moses. That Law no longer has authority over us because we have died. We do not still try to obey rules that someone has written down. That is not how we serve God. Instead, we serve God in a new way. God's Spirit helps us to please him.