Romans 5:12-21

Adam and Christ

12 It was because of one man, Adam, that sin came into the world. Death was the result of Adam's sin. Because of that, death came to all people, because everyone failed to obey God. 13 Before God gave his Law to Moses, people did wrong things. Sin was already there in the world. But at that time, God did not say that people were guilty, because there was no law for them to obey. 14 But still death ruled all people, from the time when Adam lived until the time when Moses lived. Everyone died, even those who did not fail in the same way that Adam failed.

5:12Adam was the first person that God made. See Genesis 1:26-27. God told Adam that he must not eat any fruit from a certain tree. But Adam did not obey God. See Genesis 2:15-3:13.

Adam shows us something about God's special Messiah who would come at a future time. 15 But they are not the same. Adam was the man who did not obey what God said to him. Jesus Christ is the man who brought God's free gift to people. Adam was just one person but many people died because of his sin. But God has shown in a greater way that he is very kind to people. Very many people have received God's gift because of one man, Jesus Christ. Christ has been very kind to many people!

16 Also, God's gift is different from the result of Adam's sin. Adam chose not to obey God once and punishment came as a result. But the result of God's gift is greater. People have done many wrong things, not only one wrong thing. But God accepts them as right with him. 17 One man, Adam, did not obey God, and death began to rule everyone as a result. But what the one man, Jesus Christ, did is much greater! Because of him, people can become right with God. They receive that great gift from God because he is very good and very kind. Because of what Jesus Christ has done, those people will rule like kings in their lives.

18 So God's punishment came to all people because of that one wrong thing that Adam did. But the one thing that Christ did makes people free. God accepts all people because of that one good thing that Christ did. Those people receive true life from God. 19 One man did not obey God and, as a result, many people became guilty because of their sins. But, because one man did obey God, many people will become right with God.

5:19Jesus Christ died on the cross as a sacrifice, so that God would forgive people's sins. As a result, God forgives the sins of the many people who believe in Jesus. They become right with God. These people do not receive death as a punishment for sin. Instead, they receive true life as a gift from God, because he is kind.

20 God gave his Law to Moses to show more clearly that people were doing wrong things. But when people did more and more wrong things, God continued to be kind in more and more ways. 21 We see that sin ruled people's lives and brought death to them. But God's gift makes people right with him, and that is what rules their lives. People receive that gift because God is kind. As a result, they will have life with God for ever, because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done.