Romans 5:1-11

God's friends

1 So we see that God has accepted us as right because we believe in him. As a result, we are friends with God, because of what our Lord Jesus Christ has done for us. 2 Also, because we trust Jesus Christ, he has caused us to know that God is very kind. That makes us strong in our lives here. We also are sure that we will live with God in heaven. So we are very happy.

5:2If we trust Jesus Christ and we believe that he died on the cross as a sacrifice on our behalf, then we are happy. We know that God is kind and he makes us strong in the life that we live here. We also know that one day we will live with God in heaven. We will see that God is very great and we will praise him.

3 We are happy even when we have troubles and pain. That is because we know that those troubles help us to become patient and strong. 4 And when we remain strong, we show that we trust God. When we trust God like that, it causes us to hope for God's help. 5 And when we hope like that, it will not disappoint us. That is because we know that God loves us very much. God has given his Holy Spirit to be with us. The Holy Spirit causes us to know God's love very well.

6 At one time we were weak and we could not help ourselves. Then, at the right time, Christ died to save us. He died on behalf of people who have turned away from God. 7 Nobody will agree to die on behalf of another person, even if that person has done what is right. Maybe someone might be brave enough to die on behalf of a person who is very good. 8 But God has shown us how much he loves us. Even when we still did not obey God, Christ died on our behalf.

9 Because Christ died on the cross, God has accepted us as right with himself. So we certainly know that Christ will save us when God judges everyone. Because of Jesus, God will not be angry with us and punish us. 10 While we were still God's enemies, God's Son died on our behalf. As a result, we became God's friends. So, now that we are God's friends, his Son will certainly save us. Christ will save us because he is alive again. 11 But that is not everything! We are very happy now because of what God has done for us. Our Lord Jesus Christ has made this possible. It is because of him that we have now become God's friends.