Romans 16:21-27

Paul finishes his letter

21 Timothy, who is working together with me, says ‘hello’ to you. My relatives Lucius, Jason and Sosipater, also say ‘hello’ to you.

22 I, Tertius, have written down this letter for Paul. I also belong to the Lord and I say ‘hello’ to you.

16:22Tertius wrote this letter down on Paul's behalf. Paul told him what to write.

23 Gaius also says ‘hello’ to you. I, Paul, am staying in his house. The group of Christians here also meet together in his house. Erastus also says ‘hello’ to you. He is an officer who takes care of the city's money. Our Christian friend Quartus says ‘hello’ to you too.

[ 24 I pray that our Lord Jesus Christ will continue to be very kind to all of you.]

16:24This verse is not included in many copies of the Bible.

25 We praise God because he is great! He is able to make you strong in your spirits! That is the good news that I teach. That good news is the message about Jesus Christ that God has kept secret since long ago. But now he has shown this message to us. 26 God's prophets already wrote that this good news would come. God, who lives for ever, has commanded us to tell it to people. He wants people from all nations to know this message. Then they can believe in God and obey him.

27 Yes, we praise God! Only he is completely wise. We praise him for ever, because of Jesus Christ! This is true. Amen.