Romans 16:1-16

Paul says ‘hello’

1 I want you to know that our Christian friend Phoebe is a good person. She is a servant of the church at Cenchrea. 2 Please be kind to her when she comes to you, because you belong to the Lord. Help her in the way that God's people ought to help one another. Give to her the things that she needs. She has worked to help me as well as many other people.

16:2We think that Phoebe took this letter to Rome for Paul. Cenchrea was a port in the south part of the country that we now call Greece. It was about 13 kilometres south and east from Corinth.

3 Say ‘hello’ on my behalf to Priscilla and Aquila. They have worked together with me as servants of Christ Jesus. 4 They were even ready to die so that they could help me. So I have a good reason to thank them. All the groups of Gentile believers also have a good reason to thank them. 5 Also say ‘hello’ for me to the group of believers who meet in Priscilla and Aquila's house.

Say ‘hello’ to my very good friend Epenetus. He was the first person in the region of Asia who believed in Christ.

6 Say ‘hello’ to Mary, who has worked very much on your behalf. 7 Say ‘hello’ to my relatives Andronicus and Junia, who were in prison with me. The apostles know them well and respect them. They became believers in Christ before I did.

8 Say ‘hello’ to Ampliatus on my behalf. He is my very good friend in the Lord's family. 9 Say ‘hello’ to Urbanus, who works with us to serve Christ. Also say ‘hello’ to my good friend Stachys. 10 Say ‘hello’ to Apelles. He has shown that he trusts Christ very well. Say ‘hello’ to those people who belong to Aristobulus's family. 11 Say ‘hello’ to my relative Herodion. Say ‘hello’ to those people in Narcissus's family who belong to the Lord.

12 Say ‘hello’ to Tryphena and Tryphosa. They work hard to serve the Lord. Say ‘hello’ to my good friend Persis. She has worked very hard to serve the Lord. 13 Say ‘hello’ to Rufus. He is a special servant of the Lord. Say ‘hello’ also to his mother, who has been kind to me, like a mother.

14 Say ‘hello’ to Asyncritus, Phlegon, Hermes, Patrobas and Hermas. Say ‘hello’ also to all our Christian friends who are there with them. 15 Say ‘hello’ to Philologus and Julia, to Nereus and his sister, and to Olympas. Say ‘hello’ also to all God's people who are there with them.

16 When you meet, kiss each other as Christian brothers and sisters. The people of all the Christian churches here say ‘hello’ to you.