Revelation 22

The river and the tree in the city

1 Then the angel showed me a river. It had water that causes people to have true life. The water shone like clean glass. The river started from God's throne, which is the Lamb's throne. Its water ran out from there. 2 It ran along the middle of the city's biggest street. I saw a tree that was growing on each side of the river. It is the tree that causes people to have true life. It has 12 different kinds of fruit. It has new fruit every month. The tree's leaves are like medicine. They make people of every country well again.

3 There will be nothing there that God will speak against. God's throne, which is the Lamb's throne, will be in the city. God's servants will worship him there. 4 They will see his face. His name will be on the front of their heads. 5 There will be no more night, so nobody will need a lamp to make light. They will not need light from the sun, because the Lord God will shine on them. They will rule as kings for ever.

6 Then the angel said to me, ‘All these words are true and everyone should believe them. The Lord God gives his special message to his prophets. Now he has sent his angel to speak to his servants. The angel has shown them what must happen soon.’

Jesus speaks

7 Jesus says, ‘Listen! I will come quickly. Every person who obeys my message will be happy! That message from God is what this book describes.’

John finishes his book

8 I am John. I myself heard these things and I saw them. When I had heard them and I had seen them, I fell down at the angel's feet. I wanted to worship the angel because he had shown these things to me. 9 But he said to me, ‘You must not do that! I am only a servant of God, the same as you are. I am a servant, like all God's prophets, who are believers like you. I am a servant like everyone who obeys God's message that is written in this book. You must worship only God!’

10 Then he told me, ‘Do not hide the words of God's message that are in this book. The time is near when these things will happen. 11 Let everybody continue to live as they choose. Everyone who does wrong things will continue to do wrong things. Everyone who is bad and dirty will continue to be bad and dirty. Everyone who does right things will continue to do right things. Everyone who belongs to God will continue to do what God wants.’

22:11Each person chooses what they will do. They choose whether they will do right things or wrong things. God will decide what is fair for each person. He will judge them because of what they have done.

12 Jesus says, ‘Listen! I will come quickly! I know what each person has done. I will give each one what they ought to have. I am ready to do that. 13 I am first and I am last. I cause all things to begin and I cause the end of all things. I am the first at the beginning and I am the last at the end.

14 Believers who keep themselves clean will be happy. They are like people who always wash their clothes. I will let them eat the fruit from the tree that causes people to have true life. I will let them go through the gates into the city. 15 But other people must stay outside the city:

  • Wicked people,
  • people who do magic,
  • people who have sex in a wrong way,
  • people who murder other people,
  • people who worship idols,
  • and everyone who likes to tell lies and deceive people.
  • 16 I am Jesus. I have sent my angel to tell you this message. You must tell it to all the people in the churches. I am called the Root of King David. I come from his family. I am the bright morning star.’

    22:16See Revelation 5:5 and the notes there. Jesus was born into David's family when he came to this earth as a man many years after King David lived. Jesus is called the Root of David because he is greater than David. He has always been alive and he made everything and everyone.

    17 God's Spirit and all God's people tell Jesus, ‘Yes, come!’ God's people are like a woman who will become Jesus' wife. Everyone who hears them should also say to Jesus, ‘Come!’ Anyone who is thirsty should come to Jesus. He will give the water of true life to anyone who wants it. They will not have to pay anything for it.

    18 Now John says this. I say clearly to everyone who hears God's message that is written in this book: If anyone puts more words than are already in this book, God will punish them. The troubles that this book describes will happen to them. 19 And if anyone takes away from the words that are in this book, God will punish them too. He will not let them eat the fruit from his tree that gives true life. God will not let them live in his own special city either. This book describes all these things.

    20 It is Jesus who tells us that all these messages are true. He says, ‘Yes, I will come quickly!’

    Amen! This must happen! Come, Lord Jesus!

    21 I pray that the Lord Jesus will continue to be kind to all of you.