Revelation 15:1-8

The seven angels with the last troubles

1 Then I saw another very wonderful thing in the sky. I saw seven angels with seven terrible troubles to hurt people. They are the final troubles. When they have finished, God will stop being angry.

15:1See Revelation 12:1.

2 Then I saw what seemed to be a glass sea. Fire was mixed in it. I also saw people who were standing at the edge of the glass sea. Those people had fought against the wild animal and they had won. They had won against its image and the number that means its name. They had fought and they had won. God had given them harps. They held the harps to make music. 3 Now they sang the song of God's servant, Moses, and the Lamb's song. They sang this:

15:3Moses wrote a song after God had led Israel's people safely across the Red Sea. See Exodus 15:1-18.

Lord God with all power,

what you do is great and wonderful!

Everything that you do is completely fair and honest.

You are King of all nations of the world.

4 Everyone will respect and obey you, Lord.

They will say how great your name is,

because only you are completely good.

People from every nation have seen what you do.

You always do what is right.

So all people will come and stand in front of you,

and they will worship you.’

5 After this I looked again. I saw that God's house in heaven was open. That house is like God's tent, where he lived among his people in the wilderness. 6 The seven angels with the seven terrible troubles then came out of God's house. They were wearing clean, bright clothes that were made from linen. They had gold belts around the top part of their bodies. 7 Then one of the four beings that were alive gave seven gold bowls to the seven angels. God had poured his anger into the bowls. He is the God who is alive for ever. 8 Then God's house in heaven became full of smoke, which showed God's great glory and his power. As a result, nobody could go into God's house until the angels had finished sending the seven terrible troubles.

15:5Many years ago, Israel's people were travelling from Egypt to their own country. They were living in tents. God told them to make a special tent for him. Then he would live there among them. See Exodus 26.