About the Book of Revelation

Revelation is the last book in the Bible. It includes many ideas that we can find in other books in the Bible. It tells us about future events from John's time, until now, and until the end of this world. Revelation tells us that all Christians will have troubles during their lives on earth. So they will need to be patient and strong. We think that John wrote this book about AD 95. That was more than 60 years after Jesus Christ lived on this earth. But some people think that he wrote it before AD 70.
It is a letter that Jesus told John to write to Christians. At that time, things were very difficult for Christians. The Roman ruler, Caesar, ruled many countries. He was causing a lot of trouble for Christians. His soldiers were killing many of them. John was a prisoner because he was a Christian.
Jesus appeared to John in a special dream. Jesus also sent an angel to John. The angel showed John many future events that surprised him. These things made John afraid. Jesus told John to write down what he saw. Jesus wants us to know about things that will happen during the last days of the earth. He wants us to be ready.
John wrote Revelation to seven churches. These churches were in a region that people called ‘Asia’ at that time. This place is the south and west part of the country that we now call Turkey. In chapter 2 and chapter 3, there are separate messages from Jesus to each of these different churches. These messages tell us what is most important for Christians. We must continue to love and obey Jesus Christ. We must trust him, even when there is trouble.
‘Revelation’ means ‘to show things that people could not see before’. This book describes many strange events. These events are difficult for us to understand. They are like pictures. They show us an idea of what will really happen. But Jesus wants us to think about these pictures. He wants us to understand as much as we can.
One day God will destroy this earth and the heavens above. He will make a new earth and new heavens. He will not let any bad people live there. But before that time, trouble will come to the whole world. Christians should be ready for things to be very difficult. Other people may do bad things to them. They will need to be strong. In many countries today, it is not easy to be a Christian.
But Jesus is the Lord and he will return to this earth. He will finally win against all his enemies. He will make everything right that is wrong. And all those who love him will live with him always. Then nothing will ever hurt them or make them sad again. Revelation tells us to remember all this. It teaches us to wait patiently.