Psalm 98:1-9

God rules the world

98:1This is another Royal Psalm. The writer tells everything on earth to praise God. The Lord has always been the ruler of all things. One day everybody will see that he is the great King.

1 Sing a new song to praise the Lord.

He has done great things.

He has used his own power and his holy strength

to win against his enemies.

2 The Lord has shown everybody

that he has the power to save.

All the nations of the world

can see that he does what is right.

3 He has kept his promise

that he made to the people of Israel.

He has continued to take care of them

with his faithful love.

Everyone who lives everywhere on the earth can see

that God has the power to save people.

4 All people on the earth should shout aloud

to praise the Lord!

98:4Verses 4-9 say that everything on earth (people, seas, rivers, mountains) should praise the Lord. God is the one who made all things, so it is right that they all should praise him.

Sing happy songs to praise him!

5 Make music on your harps to praise him!

Make beautiful music!

6 Make a happy sound with trumpets and horns!

Shout aloud to praise the Lord, your king!

7 The sea and everything that is in it

should shout to praise the Lord!

The earth and all those who live in it

should shout as well!

8 The rivers should clap their hands,

and the mountains should all sing together,

9 to praise the Lord.

He is coming to judge the earth.

98:9One day, God will come as the great judge. He is a fair and honest judge. He will not take any bribes!

He is a fair judge.

He will judge all the people of the world honestly.