Psalm 96:1-13

Sing a new song!

96:1This is the third Royal Psalm. King David used this psalm when he brought the Covenant Box into Jerusalem. See 1 Chronicles 16:23-33.

1 Sing a new song to praise the Lord!

All the world,

sing to praise the Lord!

2 Sing to praise the Lord's great name!

Every day, tell people the message

that he has rescued us.

3 Tell the other nations that he is very great.

Tell all of them

about the great things that he has done.

4 Yes, the Lord is great!

Everyone should praise him as he deserves.

People should respect him with fear,

more than all other gods.

5 All the other nations' gods are useless idols.

But the Lord made the heavens.

6 We see that he is a very great king.

His holy home is full of his power and his beauty.

7 You people of other nations,

recognize that the Lord is great and powerful.

8 Agree that the Lord's name is great.

Bring a gift to offer to him in his temple.

9 Worship the Lord,

who is beautiful and holy.

Everyone on earth must shake with fear in front of him.

10 Tell all the nations,

‘The Lord rules as King!’

He has fixed the world in its place,

so that nothing can shake it.

He will judge all the people of the world fairly.

11 The earth and the sky

should be happy!

The sea and everything in it

should shout aloud!

12 The fields and all their crops should shout with joy!

Then all the trees in the forests will also sing

because they are so happy!

13 They will sing to praise the Lord,

for he will come to judge the earth.

He is a fair judge.

He will judge all the people of the world with his truth.