Psalm 93

The Lord is King! (The first royal psalm)

93:1Psalm 93 is the first of ‘The Royal Psalms.’ ‘Royal’ is a word that describes kings. In Psalms 93 and 95-99, God is King of Everything.

1 The Lord is King! He is ruling with authority.

The Lord is ruling with great power.

Also, the world will not change.

Nobody will move it any more.

93:1In the Hebrew Bible, ‘The Lord is ruling’ is ‘The Lord is wearing.’ He wears his authority and his power as clothes. Everyone can see them. The word ‘great’ in Hebrew is really ‘belt.’ Nobody can take this power and authority away from God. This is because he has fastened the belt and nobody can undo it! Lord is a special name for God. It means that he will always be alive. He will always make his people safe. They are the people that love and work for him. The word ‘war’ is not in the Hebrew Bible. It is there to give us help to understand how the Jews felt. Hebrew was the language that the Jews spoke. They wrote the psalms in Hebrew.

2 You, Lord, have always ruled as king,

since before the beginning of time.

93:2This tells us that God has been king for a very long time. He was king of everything before he made the world. He was king before there was a world!

3 The rivers rose up, Lord.

The rivers rose up and made a loud noise.

The rivers rose up as a great storm.

93:3Some Bible students think that this psalm is about God creating the world. It describes what God did in Genesis 1:6-10. This is when God made the waters of the sea separate from the dry land. But other Bible students tell us that in verse 3 the word is ‘rivers’, not ‘waters’ or ‘seas.’ They say the rivers are the River Tigris, the River Euphrates and the River Nile.
93:3Three times we read ‘the rivers rose up.’ This suggests rivers that get higher and higher – until they drown people! This means ‘danger!’ The loud noise and the storm also mean ‘danger!’ That danger was maybe when Assyria, Egypt and Babylon attacked Judah and Israel. This happened many times between 750 and 590 BC

4 But the Lord rules over everyone!

He is greater than all the noise of the waters,

stronger than the sea itself.

93:4But God is stronger than Assyria, Egypt and Babylon. Or, if the first meaning is correct, stronger than the waters in Genesis 1:6-10.

5 Lord the rules that you make will remain.

Your house will always be beautiful because you are so good.

93:5Verse 5 The rules of God are in the Bible. Psalm 119 says a lot about God's rules. The house of God is usually the temple in Jerusalem. The temple was a special house that Solomon built. When Babylon destroyed Jerusalem, they also destroyed the temple. But, after the exile, the Jews built it again. If the second meaning is the correct one, then this means the new temple. They believed that God lived in this house. And God is good. That made his house special. It made it beautiful.