Psalm 93

The Lord is King!

93:1Psalm 93 is the first of the Royal Psalms. Psalms 93 and 95—99 speak about God as the great King of all things.

1 The Lord rules as King!

He wears royal power as his clothes.

His strength is like a belt round his body.

93:1The Lord wears his authority and his power as clothes. Everyone can see them. Nobody can take this power and authority away from God. He has strength to win against his enemies. That is like the belt that he wears.

So the world is safe and strong.

Nothing can shake it from its place.

2 You, Lord, have always ruled as King,

since before the beginning of time.

3 The floods of water have risen up, Lord.

They have risen with a loud noise.

Their waves beat against the land.

93:3The floods and waves may be a picture of God's enemies. Or they may describe what God did when he made the world. See Genesis 1:6-10.

4 But the Lord rules as King

high above everything!

He rules over the powerful waves of the sea,

with all their great noise!

5 Lord, your rules remain strong and true.

Your house will always be holy,

because you are holy.