Psalm 91:1-16

God is a safe place

91:1In this psalm, a priest tells someone that they are safe, if they trust the Lord for help (verses 1-13). Then God speaks (verses 14-16), and he himself promises to keep the person safe.

1 If anyone lives in Almighty God's safe place,

the Most High God protects that person.

2 I will say to the Lord,

‘You are the strong place where I will be safe.

You are my God,

and I trust in you.’

3 God will keep you safe,

so that no trap will catch you.

91:3People catch birds in traps. The bird does not see it. But God will not let anything catch his servant.

He will not let any illness kill you.

4 He will keep you safe,

like a bird keeps its babies safe under its wings.

Because he keeps his promises,

he will keep you safe like a shield and armour.

5 Do not be afraid of troubles that come in the night,

or of your enemy's arrows during the day.

6 Do not be afraid of any illness that comes when it is dark,

or any trouble that comes in the middle of the day.

7 A thousand people may die near you.

Even ten thousand people may die at your side.

But nothing will hurt you.

8 Your own eyes will see this happen.

You will see wicked people

receive the punishment that they deserve.

9 You have come to the Lord to make you safe.

The Most High God has become your home.

10 No bad thing will happen to you.

No illness will come to your home.

11 For God will tell his angels to keep you safe.

91:11Angels are God's servants. We cannot always see them, but they are there to help us.

They will protect you wherever you go.

12 They will hold you safely in their hands,

so that you do not hurt your foot on a stone.

91:12Satan used these words when he tested Jesus in the wilderness. Jesus told Satan that he was wrong to use these words to test him. See Matthew 4:6.

13 You will win against lions and snakes.

You will walk over them!

14 The Lord says, ‘If someone loves me,

I will keep him safe.

Because he worships me,

I will protect him.

15 When he calls to me for help,

I will answer him.

When he has trouble,

I will be with him.

I will rescue him,

and people will respect him.

16 I will give to him a long life,

so that he is happy.

He will see that I have the power to save people.’