Psalm 9

This is a song that David wrote.

The leader must use the music ‘Death of the son.’

A song to thank God

9:1David probably wrote Psalms 9 and 10 as one psalm. In the Hebrew language, each verse started with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In Psalm 10 not all the letters are there. We have used English letters here.

1 All that I am says ‘thank you’ to the Lord.

I will tell people about all the great things that you have done.

2 I will be very happy because of you.

I will sing to praise your name, Most High God.

3 Because my enemies have seen your power,

they turned back and they fell down.

You won against them.

4 You showed that I was right.

You sat on your throne

as a judge who truly decides what is right.

5 Clearly you spoke against the nations.

You destroyed the wicked people,

so that nobody will remember them ever again.

6 Down came the cities of our enemies!

You destroyed them for ever.

People will just forget them.

7 Every day the Lord will rule as king.

He sits on his throne as judge.

8 He is fair when he judges all the people in the world.

He brings justice to all the nations.

9 For people who suffer, the Lord gives them a safe place.

When trouble comes to them, he keeps them safe.

10 Everyone who knows you, Lord, trusts in you.

You will never turn away from anyone who comes to you for help.

11 Give a song to the Lord to praise him!

He rules as king in Zion.

Tell all the nations about the great things that he has done.

12 God punishes murderers,

and he takes care of people who receive pain from others.

When they call to him,

he does not refuse to help them.

13 How my enemies cause me to suffer!

Please be kind to me, Lord.

You are the one who can save me from death.

14 Then I will praise you for everyone to hear!

I will tell the people of Zion that you have saved me,

and I will be very happy!

15 Into the deep hole that they dug,

the nations themselves fell.

The net that they hid to catch me,

caught their own feet!

16 The Lord has shown us who he is.

We know that he brings justice.

Wicked people will catch themselves

in their own traps.

Higgaion. Selah.

9:16This word means a place for happy music.

17 Justice sends the wicked people away,

into the deep hole of death.

This will happen to all the nations

that do not respect God.

18 Know this: God will not forget the poor for ever.

People who suffer should continue to hope.

19 Lord, stand up!

Do not let people turn against you!

Bring the nations to stand in front of you.

Judge them!

20 Lord, make them afraid!

Make the nations know

that they are only weak and human.