Psalm 9

9:0David probably wrote Psalms 9 and 10 as one psalm. The Jews thought that he wrote it after he killed Goliath. The first part says that God beat the foreign enemy (Psalm 9). The second part says that wicked men in Israel are making the helpless into oppressed people. (Psalm 10)

The reasons for thinking that it was one psalm are:

– Psalm 10 has no words at the top about David or music. This is not usual in a psalm by David.

– Hebrew words that David did not often use are in Psalms 9 and 10.

– Psalms 9 and 10 make one acrostic.

Acrostic psalms use the Hebrew alphabet. The first bit starts with the first letter. The second bit starts with the second letter. This happens until the alphabet finishes. Look at Psalm 9 below. Then you will understand. We have used English letters. These are not the same as Hebrew ones. After a time some of the letters became lost or mixed up! Also, the Jews decided to make them into 2 psalms. Some Christians have put them back together as one psalm, for example, some Roman Catholics.

God will Always Remember you

The leader must use the music ‘Death to the son.’

This is a song that David wrote

1 All my heart sings 'thank you' to the Lord.

I will tell people of all your wonderful work.

2 I will be very happy with you, Lord. I will rejoice in you.

I will sing praises to your name, Most High God.

3 Back my enemies went,

they fell down. They died in front of you,

4 because you judged that what I did was right.

You sat on your throne. You made a righteous judgement.

5 Clearly you judged the nations and destroyed the wicked.

People will never remember their names.

6 You caught the enemy. You killed them.

You knocked down their cities. People will just forget them.

9:6Psalm 9: 1-6: David is very happy. He says, ‘thank you’ to the Lord. Why? Because David beat his enemies. David knew that God gave him help. It was God that really beat the enemies, not David on his own! God judged that David was right and the enemies wrong. The enemies were probably the Philistines. Goliath was a Philistine.

Psalm 9: 7-10: God is always ruling the world. Sometimes it is hard to believe this, but it is true. Sometimes we must wait a long time for his righteous judgements. righteous here means this: the judgements of God are the best judgements. While we wait for his judgements, what can we do? Psalm 9:9-10 tells us! We can:

– Look for the Lord: if we do this, the Lord will find us!

– Trust in the Lord: if we do this, the Lord will give us help

– Hide in the Lord: if we do this, the Lord will make us safe

7 Evermore the Lord will rule.

He has built his throne. On it, he will make his judgements.

8 He will make righteous judgements for the world.

His government will give justice to the people.

9 For the Lord is a place where the oppressed can hide.

He will be a fortress in times of trouble.

10 Everyone that knows your name Lord will put their trust in you.

Lord, you will never turn away from anyone that looks for you.

11 Go to the Lord with praises. His throne is in Zion.

Tell all the nations all that he has done.

12 God will remember the people that somebody murdered.

He will not forget the oppressed people that cry to him.

13 Have mercy on me, Lord.

See how my enemies make my life very difficult.

Make me safe from the gates of death.

14 Then I will tell your praises in the gates of Jerusalem.

I will rejoice that I am safe with you.

9:14Psalm 9: 11-14: When God finds us, gives us help and makes us safe, that is not the end. We must:

– Always give praises to the Lord: on our own, and in Church

– Tell people about God: our family, our friends, those we work with

Many people will not like this! As they made life difficult for David, so they will for us. So we must pray, ‘Have mercy on me, Lord.’ These are the words that some Churches still pray in Greek: KYRIE ELEISON. God's mercy is when he is loving and kind to us, and not angry.

15 Into the hole that they dug, the nations fell.

They caught their own feet in the net that they hid.

16 You will recognize the Lord by his justice.

The enemies of God will catch themselves in their own nets.


17 Just as the enemies of God go to Sheol,

so will all the nations that forget him.

18 Know this: God will not always forget the poor.

The oppressed will not have to hope for evermore.

19 Lord, stand up! Do not let men become too powerful.

Let the nations find justice before you.

20 Lord, make them afraid.

Make the nations know that they are only human.


9:20Psalm 9: 15-20: In Psalm 9:6 we read, ‘You killed them.’ In Psalm 9:15-16 we read how God does this. Often, people kill themselves, or each other! The plan that they made to kill their enemies kills them. They go to Sheol. The Jews thought that Sheol was a dark place. It was under the ground. The psalm finishes by telling us 2 things:

– God will remember the oppressed, even if they have to wait a long time

– God will teach men and women that they are only human. It is only God that is really powerful