Psalm 87

This psalm is a song that the sons of Korah wrote.

God's holy city

87:1This psalm is about Zion, God's special home. Zion was the name of the hill on which King Solomon built the temple. The writer looks ahead to a time when people from many nations will worship God. Then they will belong to God's city, as God's people. They will say, ‘I was born there.’

1 The Lord built his city on the holy mountain.

2 The Lord loves Zion city,

more than any other place where Jacob's family lives.

87:2Jacob's family means the Israelite people.

3 People say great things about you!

You are God's own city!


4 I will speak about the nations that serve God.

Rahab and Babylon are now among them,

also Philistia, Tyre and Ethiopia.

87:4Rahab is another name for Egypt.

They say about themselves,

‘This man was born in Zion.’

5 They say this about Zion:

‘Each one of these people was born there.’

It is the Most High God who makes that city strong.

6 The Lord will write a list of all their names.

For the people from different nations,

he will say, ‘This person was born in Zion.’


7 The singers and the musicians will say,

‘All our blessings come from you, Zion.’