Psalm 84:1-12

The journey to Zion

1 Lord Almighty,

the temple where you live is beautiful!

2 I want very much to go to the Lord's temple.

I very much want to be in the temple yards.

With all that I am, and with great joy,

I sing to you, the God who lives for ever!

3 In your temple,

even sparrows have their homes.

84:3‘sparrows’ are small birds that are not valuable.

Swallows builds their nests there,

to take care of their babies.

They can be near to your altars,

Lord Almighty, my king and my God.

4 You have truly blessed those people

who live in your temple.

They can praise you all the time!


5 You have blessed those people

who come to you to make them strong.

They love to travel to your temple in Zion.

6 As they go through the dry Baka valley,

springs of water appear there!

The autumn rain covers the valley with pools.

7 The people become stronger as they travel,

until each one meets with God in Zion.

84:7God helped the people who were travelling to his temple in Jerusalem. Baka Valley was a dry place. Even there, God gave the people water to drink. He took care of them so that they arrived safely at his temple to worship him there.

8 Lord God Almighty,

please listen to my prayer!

God of Jacob, hear me!


9 God, look at our king,

the one who protects us like a shield!

Take care of the king that you have chosen.

10 I would rather be near your temple for one day

than have a thousand days anywhere else.

I would rather stand near the door of God's temple

than live among wicked people.

11 The Lord God is like a sun

and a shield for his people.

He is kind to his people

and he gives glory to them.

To those who do what is right,

he gives every good thing that they need.

12 Lord Almighty,

you have truly blessed everyone who trusts in you!