Psalm 82:1-8

God and the gods

82:1This psalm tells about God, who is leading a meeting in heaven. He is telling the powerful leaders how they should rule. These leaders may be rulers on earth, or they may be spiritual beings like angels. Because they are powerful, he calls them ‘gods’.

1 God calls the powerful rulers to meet in heaven.

He sits on his throne to judge them.

2 He asks them, ‘How long will you continue to judge people

in a way that is not fair?

How long will you say that wicked people are right?


3 You must help poor people and those with no family

to receive justice.

Help those who have pain and trouble

to receive the help that they need.

4 Rescue weak and helpless people,

so that evil people cannot hurt them.

5 The powerful leaders know nothing

and they understand nothing.

They walk about in a dark place.

At the same time the foundation of the earth shakes!

82:5This tells us that the leaders do not know what they are doing. They are like people who cannot see their way in the dark. Because they do not rule well, it is like the whole earth is shaking. There is no justice anywhere.

6 I said, “You are gods.

You are all sons of the Most High God.

7 But you will die, as all people die.

You will come to an end, like all other rulers.” ’

82:7The rulers thought that they were very powerful and that they were serving God. But they will die, as all people and rulers have to die one day.

8 God, now do something!

Judge all the nations of the earth.

For they all belong to you.