Psalm 8

8:0When he was young, David kept sheep. He was with his sheep on the hills at night. The sheep were safe with him. David saw the moon and the stars in the sky. God made them all. God was strong and powerful. But God had enemies. These enemies fought God. They also hurt the people of God. David felt very small when he looked at what God had made. David felt that he was not important. But David also knew that God would make people strong. As Paul wrote to the Christians in Corinth, ‘God said, My power works best when you are weak.’ (2 Corinthians 12:9) Later David wrote Psalm 8. Perhaps it was when he lived in Gath. Gath was a Philistine city. It was 30 kilometres west of Bethlehem. David came from Bethlehem. In the psalm, David remembered:

– The sheep, the hills and the wild animals

– The moon and stars at night

David also remembered that he felt very small. David put all that he felt into Psalm 8. Perhaps he used music from Gath.

The New Testament of the Bible tells us that David was a prophet. A prophet speaks for God. He also says what will happen in the future. In Psalm 8 David said that God would visit the earth. He came as Jesus.

The Sky at Night

The music leader must use Gittith.

This is a song of David.

1 LORD, you are our most powerful king.

Your name is famous in all the wide world.

Your glory is over the skies.

8:1Verse 1: Only God has true glory. He has it because he is so good. God's glory shines from inside him. God shines brighter than the sun. We usually call God's home ‘heaven.’ It is sometimes called ‘glory.’ In Matthew 6:9-13 Jesus taught us how to pray. He finished: ‘Yours (God) is the kingdom, the power and the glory, for always, Amen.’ A kingdom is everywhere that a king rules. Amen means, ‘Yes! We agree!’

2 From the mouths of children and babies at the breast

you show what it is to be strong.

This is because you have enemies.

You will beat your enemies and the avenger.

8:2Verse 2: God has many powerful enemies. The most powerful is Satan or the Devil. He may be the avenger in the psalm. But God will win. God is more powerful than all his enemies. There are 2 pictures of children in Psalm 8:2.

– Babies at the breast: this tells us: the love of a mother for her child is very strong; the child grows strong as it feeds from its mother.

– What children say: their words are usually true; their words show what they understand.

The Jews were very angry in Matthew 21:15-16. (See the words before the start of Psalm 8.) This was because the children understood who Jesus was! They praised Jesus. They said that he was the son of David. This meant that Jesus was the Messiah, God's very special servant.

3 When I look at your skies that your fingers made:

· I see the moon

· I see the stars

· You gave them all a place.

4 Then I ask:

· why do you remember men and women?

· what makes you visit them?

8:4Verses 3-4: The night sky is so big and we are so small. Can God really see us and care for us? Yes! He remembers us and visits us. This happened when Jesus came to earth. Why did he come? The answer is in Psalm 8:5-8. This is the purpose of God for men and women. Satan stops us from doing it well. Jesus came to put things right. Jesus came on a very special visit.

5 You made their place a little below God.

You made them feel as kings.

6-8 You made them to rule everything that your hands made.

You put everything under their feet:

· sheep and cows

· wild animals in the fields

· birds in the air

· fish in the waters

· monsters in the deep seas.

9 LORD, you are our most powerful king.

Your name is famous in all the wide world.

8:9Verses 5-9: The New Testament of the Bible repeats Psalm 8:5. It translates God (Elohim in Hebrew) as angels. An angel is a servant of God. Usually we cannot see angels.