Psalm 8

The music leader must use special music.

This is a song that David wrote.

The sky at night

8:1When he was a young man, David was a shepherd. He was with his sheep on the hills at night. David saw the moon and the stars in the sky. He knew that God made them all.

1 Lord, our ruler,

your name is famous all over the world.

The sky above shows how great you are.

2 You have taught children and babies to praise you.

You do that to show your enemies how strong you are.

Anyone who turns against you has to be quiet.

Your cruel enemies can do nothing!

3 You made the skies with your own hands.

When I look up, I see the moon and the stars.

You have put them all in their right place.

4 So why do you even think about men and women?

Why do you take care of humans?

5 You have made their place a little below God himself.

8:5‘below God himself’ or ‘below the angels’.

You have given them honour, like kings.

6 You have chosen them to rule everything that you have made.

You have put everything under their authority.

7-8 Yes! Humans rule them all:

Farm animals and wild animals,

birds, fish and all the things that swim in the sea.

9 Lord, our ruler,

your name is famous all over the world.