Psalm 7:1-17

God always does what is right

7:1Cush was one of David's enemies, but we do not know who he was. He probably told lies about David. He said that David wanted to do something bad. This was not true. So, in this psalm, David asks God to say who is right. He knows that God will decide in a right way.

1 Lord, my God, I come to you to keep me safe.

Please save me from all those people who want to catch me.

2 If you do not keep me safe,

my enemies will tear me in pieces.

They will attack me like lions do,

and nobody will be able to save me.

3-5 Lord, my God, if I have done a wrong thing,

then let my enemies chase me and catch me.

If I have done a bad thing against a friend,

or I helped his enemies who wanted to hurt him,

then let my enemies catch me!

They can knock me down to the ground,

They can leave me there,

as a dead person in the dirt.


6 But Lord, now do something!

Wake up and help me!

Show how angry you are against my enemies.

Punish them in the way that you know is right!

7 Bring together the people of all nations,

to stand in front of you.

Rule over them from high above.

8 You Lord judge the people of all nations.

Lord, Most High God, show that I am not guilty.

Show that I am righteous and honest.

9 Stop wicked people from doing bad things.

Keep your own people safe.

You always do what is right,

and you know how we think and feel.

10 The Most High God is like a shield to keep me safe.

He takes care of good, honest people.

11 God is a judge who is fair.

Every day he is angry against wicked people.

12 If they do not change the way that they live,

God will prepare to punish them.

He will make his sword sharp,

and he will put an arrow in his bow.

13 He will prepare his dangerous weapons.

He is ready to shoot his arrows that burn with fire.

14 Look! Wicked people prepare to do evil things!

They want to cause trouble.

Like a pregnant woman,

what starts inside them comes out into the open!

They give birth to lies that deceive people.

15 Wicked people want to hurt people.

They are digging a deep hole for people to fall into.

But they fall into the hole themselves!

16 The ideas that they have to hurt other people

bring trouble on themselves!

They want to be cruel to other people,

but they themselves receive the pain!

17 So I will thank the Lord

because he does what is right.

The Lord is the Most High God,

so I will sing to praise his name!