Psalm 77:1-20

A prayer in times of trouble

77:1In verses 10-15, the writer remembers the great things that God has done. He remembers that God is still great and powerful. Verses 16-20 are about God leading his people from Egypt to their new home in Canaan. They had to go through the Red Sea. God was so powerful that he made a dry road through the sea for his people. After they crossed the Red Sea, Moses and Aaron led them through the wilderness.

1 I will call out to God for help.

I will call aloud to God,

and he will listen to me.

2 When trouble came to me,

I looked for the Lord to help me.

All through the night,

I lifted my hands to him while I prayed.

But I did not feel peace in myself.

3 When I think about God,

I am sad and upset.

I do not know if he will help me.


4 God, you do not let me close my eyes to sleep.

I am so upset that I cannot even speak.

77:4The writer cannot sleep and he does not know what to pray.

5 I think about my life long ago,

in the years that have passed.

6 At night, I remember the songs that I sang before.

I think carefully about what is happening.

7 I ask myself, ‘Will the Lord always turn against me?

Will he never be kind to me again?

8 Does he no longer have a faithful love for his people?

Will he never do what he has promised us?

9 Has God forgotten to be kind and help us?

Is he so angry that he will not be kind to us any more?’

77:9There are 6 questions which the writer asked. They mean, ‘Will God ever help us again?’


10 Then I said, ‘This makes me very upset!

Has the Most High God stopped helping us?

11 I will remember the things that the Lord has done.

Yes, I will remember the miracles that you did long ago.

12 I will think about everything that you have done.

I will think carefully about all those great things.’

13 God, your ways are holy.

There is no god as great as our God.

14 You are the God who does miracles.

You show the nations

that you are very powerful.

15 You used your power to rescue your people.

Yes, you saved the descendants

of Jacob and Joseph.


16 The waters of the sea saw you, God.

When they saw you,

they shook with fear!

Even the deepest seas were afraid.

17 Rain poured down from the clouds.

The noise of thunder was in the skies.

Your arrows of lightning

shot everywhere.

18 The sound of your thunder was in the storm.

Your lightning made all the world bright.

The earth shook.

19 You went through the sea.

Your path went through the deep water,

but nobody saw where your feet had gone.

20 You led your people,

as a shepherd leads his sheep.

Moses and Aaron did that for you.