Psalm 76

This psalm is a song that Asaph wrote for the music leader. Sing it with the music of stringed instruments.

God has great power

1 People in Judah know who God is.

He is famous in Israel.

76:1Judah and Israel are both names for God's people.

2 His home is in Salem.

Yes, he lives in Zion.

76:2Salem and Zion are names for Jerusalem.

3 There he destroyed all the weapons of our enemy,

their arrows, their shields,

and their swords.

He destroyed everything that they use to fight wars.


4 God, you are the one who shines with glory!

You are greater than the greatest mountains.

5 You won against brave soldiers,

so that we robbed them of everything.

Now they are sleeping,

and they will never wake up!

They are completely helpless.

6 God of Jacob,

when your enemies heard your battle cry,

both the horses and their riders fell down dead.

7 Yes, everyone is afraid of you, our God!

When you are angry,

nobody can stand against you.

8 From heaven you said how you would judge people.

Everybody on earth became afraid.

They could not say anything!

9 This happened when you came to punish wicked people.

You came to rescue the weak and poor people in the land.


10 Everybody will praise you,

even those who are angry against you.

You will show them how angry you really are.

76:10This verse is difficult to understand in Hebrew.

11 Make promises to the Lord your God,

and do what you have promised.

Everyone who serves God should bring gifts to him.

We must respect him with fear.

12 He makes proud rulers become humble.

All the kings of the world should be afraid of him.