Psalm 75:1-10

God judges people fairly

1 God, we thank you!

Yes, we thank you!

You are very near to us.

People everywhere say what great things you have done.

2 God says, ‘I choose the time when I will judge people,

and I will be a fair judge.

3 When the earth shakes and the people in it are afraid,

I will keep its foundations strong.’


4 I say to people who are proud,

‘Do not be proud.’

I say to wicked people,

‘Do not boast about your power.

5 Do not boast against God.

Do not speak with such proud words.’

6 Who has the power to judge people?

Nobody from the east, or from the west,

or from the desert can be judge.

7 God is the one who judges people.

He decides who to bring down

and who to lift up.

75:7God says that one person is wrong (he brings them down) and another person is right (he lifts them up).

8 The Lord holds a cup of punishment in his hand.

75:8A cup with strong wine in it is a picture of God's anger and punishment.

It is full of wine, with spices in it.

The Lord pours out his anger from this cup.

All the wicked people in the world will have to drink it.

They will drink all of it, so that none remains.

9 But as for me, I will always thank you, God.

I will sing to praise you,

the God of Jacob.

10 You say, ‘I will destroy the power of wicked people.

I will give strength to my righteous people.’