Psalm 6:1-10

David prays for health

6:1David was not happy. He was ill. He thought that God had left him. This made David very sad. Sometimes we feel as David did. We think that God has left us. But God will help us if we continue to pray to him, as David did.

1 Lord, when you are angry,

please do not punish me.

2 I do not feel strong, Lord,

so please be kind to me.

Lord, please make me well again.

Even my bones are shaking.

3 I am very frightened.

Lord, when will you do something to help me?

6:3David is praying, ‘How long will my illness continue?’

4 Lord, turn back to me. Give me back my life.

Make me safe because of your faithful love.

5 If I die, I will no longer remember you.

Nobody can praise you in their grave!

6 I am crying so much that I have no more strength.

My bed becomes wet because I weep all night.

My tears run into my pillow.

6:6A pillow is a cushion that you put your head on to sleep.

7 I am so sad that my eyes do not see well any more.

They are becoming weak because of all my enemies.

6:7God does not answer David immediately. David cries until God answers him.

8 Go away from me, you people who do wicked things!

Now the Lord has heard me when I weep.

6:8David is brave again when he knows that God has heard his prayer.

9 I asked the Lord to be kind and to help me.

Now he has answered me!

10 All my enemies will become ashamed!

They will go away from me in fear!

Shame will suddenly come to them!