Psalm 68

This psalm is a song that David wrote for the music leader.

God will win!

68:1This psalm is in 4 parts:

Verses 1-6 tell us about God and what he does for people.

Verses 7-18 tell us about God leading his people from Egypt to Canaan.

Verses 19-31 tell us more about God.

Verses 32-35 tell us to praise God for what he has done.

1 God will rise up

and he will chase his enemies away!

The people who hate him

will quickly run away from him!

68:1See Numbers 10:35.

2 God, blow them away,

as wind blows smoke away.

Destroy those wicked people,

as wax melts near a fire!

3 But righteous people will be happy,

when they come near to you.

They will shout with joy,

because they are so happy!

4 Sing songs to God!

Sing to praise his name!

He is the one who rides on the clouds,

so praise him aloud!

His name is the Lord!

Shout with joy to worship him!

5 God is a father for those who have no father.

He takes care of widows.

He rules from his holy home.

6 God gives homes and a family to lonely people.

He makes prisoners go free

so that they are happy.

But people who turn against him

have to live in a hot, dry land.

68:6The hot, dry land is a place where it is very difficult to live, like a desert.

7 God, you led your people out.

You took them across the desert.


8 Then the ground shook,

and rain poured down from the sky.

You showed your power at Sinai mountain.

You are the God who rules at Sinai.

68:8God came to Sinai mountain after he led his people out of Egypt. There he gave his special commands to Moses, for the Israelites to obey.

You are the God that Israel's people serve.

9 God, you caused much rain to fall

on your special land.

You made it fresh again

when it had been dry.

68:9When the Israelites reached the special land, God sent rain to make their food plants grow.

10 Your own people came to live in it.

God, because you are kind,

you gave many good things to poor people.

11 The Lord gives a command!

Very many women take his message to other places.

12 Kings with large armies quickly run away.

Yes, they run away!

The women at home share the valuable things

that the armies have left behind.

13 Even those who stayed to take care of the sheep

found valuable things,

like a dove with silver wings

and bright gold feathers.

68:13The dove may be a valuable model made to look like a dove. Or it may be beautiful clothes that the women could wear.

14 When the Almighty God chased away foreign kings,

it was like snow that fell on Mount Zalmon.

15 Bashan mountain is great, like God.

It has many high rocks.

16 You high mountains, why are you jealous

when you look at Zion mountain?

That is the mountain where God has chosen to live.

Yes, that is where the Lord will live for ever!

17 God has millions of chariots.

The Lord has come from Sinai mountain

to his own holy place.

18 When you went up to the highest place,

you took many prisoners with you.

You received gifts from men,

even from the men who had fought against you.

Yes, the Lord God lives there!

19 Praise the Lord, as he deserves!

Every day he helps us with our troubles.

He is the God who keeps us safe!


20 Our God is the God who rescues people.

The Almighty Lord saves us from death.

21 He will knock down the heads of his enemies.

He will destroy their skulls and their long hair,

if they continue to turn against him.

22 The Lord says, ‘I will bring my enemies back from Bashan,

even from deep down in the sea.

23 Then you can wash your feet in their blood.

Your dogs can have as much as they want!’

68:23David's people will win against their enemies.

24 God, you are my God and my King.

People will see the great crowd that goes with you,

as you go to your holy temple.

25 The singers will march in front.

The musicians will follow them.

Young women will be with them

as they beat their tambourines.

26 They all sing,

Praise God, all you crowd of people!

All you people of Israel,

praise the Lord!’

27 Benjamin, the smallest tribe, will lead them all.

The leaders of Judah, with their big group, will follow.

Then will come the leaders of Zebulun and Naphtali.

68:27Benjamin, Judah, Zebulun and Naphtali were four tribes that were descendants of Jacob's sons. There were 12 tribes in the people of Israel.

28 God has commanded that you should be strong.

God, please show again how strong you are,

as you have used your strength to help us in past times.

29 As you live in your temple in Jerusalem,

kings will bring gifts to you.

30 Speak against your enemies!

Some are like wild animals that live in the reeds.

68:30The wild animals that live in the reeds might be hippopotami, or crocodiles.

Some are proud nations,

like bulls among their young cows.

They must be humble and offer to you

gifts of valuable silver things.

Chase away those nations that like to fight wars.

31 Egypt's leaders will come with gifts.

People will come from Cush

and they will agree to serve God.

68:31Cush is Ethiopia and Sudan, today.

32 All you kingdoms of the earth,

sing to God!

Yes, sing to praise the Lord!


33 He is the one who rides in the sky,

as he has done from the beginning of time.

Listen! He shouts with a powerful voice.

34 Agree that God is very powerful!

He is the King who rules over Israel.

He shows his power in the skies.

35 God, how great you are,

as you come from your holy temple!

He is the God of Israel.

He gives power to his people,

and he makes them strong.

Praise God as he deserves!