Psalm 66

This psalm is a song for the music leader.

Praise God!

66:1This psalm tells about the great things that God has done to help his people. As a result, his people should praise him as he deserves.

1 Everyone on earth, shout aloud to praise God,

because you are very happy.

2 Sing to praise his great name!

Praise him in the way that he deserves.

3 Say to God, ‘You do great things!

Your great power makes your enemies afraid.

They come to you and they bend down to the ground.

4 The whole world bends down to worship you.

Everyone sings to praise your name.’


5 Come and see the great things that God has done.

He has done wonderful miracles for people!

6 He caused the Red Sea to become dry land.

Then his people walked across the Jordan River!

66:6God led his people out of Egypt where they were slaves. He took them safely through the Red Sea on dry land. Then they walked across the Jordan River into Canaan.

So we praise him for what he did there!

7 He has the power to rule for ever.

He watches everything that the nations do.

Wicked people should not be proud and turn against him.


8 You people from every nation,

agree that our God is great!

Praise him with loud voices,

so that everyone can hear!

9 He keeps our lives safe.

He does not let us fall to the ground.

10 You have tested us, God.

You wanted to make us pure,

as they make silver pure in a hot fire.

11 You caused a trap to catch us,

so that we had much pain and trouble.

12 You gave people power to hurt us.

We went through dangerous fire and water.

But then you brought us into a safe, open place.

66:12Many times God tested his people to see if they really trusted him. Sometimes God let their enemies bring trouble and hurt them. God wanted to make them pure. Silver becomes pure when it is made very hot over a fire. Then the dirt becomes separate from the pure silver.

13 I will bring burnt offerings to your Temple.

I will bring to you the gifts that I promised.

14 When I was in trouble, I made those promises.

I spoke them aloud.

15 I will offer to you gifts of fat animals,

to burn them as sacrifices.

I will also burn sheep as offerings,

and their smell will please you.

I will also offer to you bulls and goats.


16 Come and listen,

all you people who serve God.

I will tell you about the things that God has done for me.

17 I called to him for help,

then I praised him aloud!

18 If I had kept wicked things in my mind,

the Lord would not have listened to me.

19 But God did hear me.

When I called to him,

he listened to my prayer.

20 So I praise God, as he deserves.

66:20The writer wants everyone to praise God when they see all the good things that God has done.

He has not refused to listen to me.

He has continued to love me with his faithful love.