Psalm 65

This psalm is a song that David wrote for the music leader.

We trust God to save us

65:1We may call this a harvest psalm, to say ‘thank you’ to God for the food that he has given.

1 God, it is right for us to praise you in Zion.

There, we will offer to you

the gifts that we have promised.

2 You answer our prayers.

All of us must come to you,

3 because of our many sins.

Our sins are too heavy for us to carry,

but you forgive the bad things that we do against you.

65:3Many people feel that their sins are like a heavy weight on them. It makes them very sad. Only God can take the weight away.

4 You have blessed each person that you have chosen.

You let them live near to you in your home.

The good things that are in your holy temple

will make us very happy!

5 God, you are the one who saves us!

You answer our prayers,

and you do great things to rescue us.

People from everywhere on earth trust in you,

even those who live far away across the seas.

6 You used your power to make the mountains,

and you showed how strong you are.

7 You stop the seas from being angry,

so that their waters make no noise.

65:7Jesus did this when he was in a boat with his friends. They thought that they would drown because the storm was so bad. But Jesus stopped the storm so that the water made no noise.

You do the same with the angry nations.

8 People who live far away see

the great things that you have done.

It makes them afraid.

Everywhere on earth, east and west,

people sing happy songs to praise you.

9 You take care of the land.

You send rain to make the earth good for plants.

Your rivers are full of water.

You cause the earth to give good crops

so that the people have grain to eat.

10 When people plough their fields,

you send rain to make the earth wet.

You make the ground soft with the rain,

so that crops grow there.

11 Every year at harvest time,

you bless people with lots of good things.

Everywhere that you go,

there is plenty of food.

65:11David says that the harvest is the best time of the year. The food that we have all comes from God.

12 Fresh grass covers the fields in the wilderness.

There are plenty of good things all over the hills,

so that people are very happy.

13 The fields are full of sheep.

The valleys are covered with crops.

Everywhere seems to shout and sing for joy!