Psalm 61

David wrote this song. Tell the music leader to use stringed instruments.

God will keep me safe

61:1David was far away from Jerusalem, his home. He was probably fighting his enemies. Sometimes he was sad and afraid. He did not feel brave enough to fight, but he asked God for help. God was like a strong rock where David could hide and be safe.

1 God, please hear me when I call to you for help.

Listen carefully to my prayer.

2 I will call out to you from far away,

because I am sad and weak.

Lead me to a strong, safe rock

that is higher than I am.

3 You are the safe place where I can hide.

You are like a strong tower

that keeps me safe against my enemies.

61:3The cities often had walls round them. The walls had tall towers. The soldiers could see their enemies from the towers, but the enemies could not reach them there.

4 I want to live in your house for ever.

I want you to keep me safe,

like birds protect their babies under their wings.


5 You, God, have heard my promises to you.

You have blessed me,

as you bless all those people who serve you.

6 Please give the king a long life.

Let him live to see many descendants.

7 Let him rule for ever

with your authority.

Cause your faithful love and your truth to keep him safe.

61:7It is good to pray for our leaders. They need to know God's special love and his truth.

8 Then I will always praise your name.

Every day I will give to you

the offerings that I have promised.