Psalm 60:1-12

God, please help us!

60:1See 2 Samuel 8:3-13; 10:16-18; 1 Chronicles 18:3-12; 19:6-19. David was fighting a war. He was a long way from home, near the River Euphrates. After the war, when David was returning home, Edom's army attacked Jerusalem. David sent Joab, the leader of his soldiers, to fight against the Edomites. David's army beat them and killed 12,000 of them. This happened in Salt Valley, near the Dead Sea. David wrote the psalm because he thought that God had left him and his people.

1 God, you have turned against us,

and you have broken down our strong walls.

60:1Edom's army broke down the city walls, but David decided that God had sent them to do it.

You are angry with us,

but please make us strong again!

2 You made the ground shake

and you tore it open.

Now mend the holes,

or everything will fall down.

3 You have given your people a time of difficult trouble.

You have given us strong wine to drink,

that has made us fall like drunk people.

60:3Strong wine that causes people to become drunk is often a picture of God's anger.

4 But you have lifted up a flag

for the people who serve you.

They can meet together there,

to be safe in the battle.


5 Use your power to rescue us!

Answer our prayers!

Then the people that you love will be safe.

6 God has spoken from his holy place!

60:6The holy place is God's home. Perhaps it was the temple in Jerusalem, or God's home in heaven.

He has promised:

‘I will show my power!

I will make Shechem into separate pieces.

I will measure Succoth Valley.

7 Gilead belongs to me,

and so does Manasseh.

Ephraim is like my helmet for war.

Judah has the authority of my royal sceptre.

60:7The first six places were all parts of Israel. They all belong to God. He will decide what to do with them. They will have important jobs, like Ephraim as a soldier and Judah as a judge.

8 But Moab is the place where I wash my hands.

Edom is my servant.

I can throw my shoes at him!

I will shout loudly,

because I have won against the Philistines.’

60:8Moab, Edom and the Philistines were all enemies of Israel. God will use them like his servants, to do what he wants.

9 Who will lead me into the strong city?

Who will take me to fight and win against Edom?

60:9David is the speaker again from verse 9 to the end.

10 God, have you really turned against us?

Will you not lead our armies into battle?

11 Help us to fight against our enemies,

because help from men is useless!

12 With God's help, we will win!

He will beat down our enemies for us.