Psalm 58:1-11

God will judge all people

58:1In this psalm, David asks God to punish his enemies. He knows that God is fair. He always does what is right. God is the one who judges everybody in a fair way. The Hebrew in some of the verses is very hard to understand. If you read other Bible translations, you will find that some of the verses seem different.

1 Do you rulers really say what is right?

Do you judge people in a fair way?

2 No! You do not!

You like to think of evil things to do.

You make cruel things happen

everywhere in the land.

3 Wicked people do wrong things from their birth.

As soon as they are born,

they start telling lies.

4 Their words hurt people

like a snake's poison.

They listen to nobody,

like a deaf cobra.

5 It does not obey the voice of the magician,

even if he sings very well!

58:5These wicked people will not listen to God. Some magicians can make snakes obey them when they sing or make music. The wicked people are like snakes that are deaf and they cannot obey.

6 God, break the teeth of my enemies!

Yes, Lord, break into pieces

the teeth of those lions!

7 Cause them to run away like water and disappear.

Cause them to die like dry grass in hot weather.

8 Cause them to be like a worm that melts as it moves along.

Cause them to be like a child that is born dead

and never sees the light of day.

9 Remove them quickly,

more quickly than pots become hot over a fire of thorn bushes.

58:9David asks God to punish these bad people. David wants God to remove them very quickly. He used pictures of different things to say what he means.

10 When God punishes those wicked people,

righteous people will be very happy.

They will wash their feet in the blood of the wicked people!

11 People who see it will say,

‘It is true! God helps good people!

There is a God who judges people on earth in a fair way.’