Psalm 56:1-13

Trust in God

56:1Saul was trying to kill David. David was a servant of Saul. David ran away to Gath. Gath was the town where Goliath had lived. Gath was one of the Philistine towns. The Philistines were enemies of Saul and David and their people. David was afraid. He told God about it in this psalm. See 1 Samuel 21:10-22:2.

1 God, please be kind to me, and help me,

because people are fighting me.

My enemies are attacking me every day.

2 They chase me all the time!

Those proud people want to catch me,

and there are many of them!

3 But when I am afraid,

I will trust in you.

4 By God's help, I will praise his word.

By God's help, I will trust in him.

I will not be afraid.

People can do nothing to hurt me!

56:4If we trust God, we do not need to be afraid of people. They may hurt our bodies, but God will always take care of us. He will keep us safe to be with him in heaven for ever.

5 All the time, they bring trouble on me.

They are always thinking of ways to hurt me.

6 They hide and they watch me.

They watch me wherever I go,

and they hope to kill me.

7 God, they want to do wicked things,

so punish them!

Destroy these people,

because you are angry with them.

8 Every time that I am upset,

you know about it.

Put all my tears in your bottle!

Yes, write down every tear in your book.

56:8Every time David cried, he asked God to put his tears into a bottle. He asked God to count them all and write them down in his book. David knew that God understood all about his troubles.

9 When I call to you for help,

my enemies will turn back.

I am sure of this: God is with me,

to fight for me.

10 By God's help, I will praise his promise.

Yes, by the Lord's help,

I will praise his word.

11 I am not afraid,

because I trust in God.

People can do nothing to hurt me.

12 I have made special promises to you, God,

and I will do what I have promised.

I will offer to you a sacrifice to say ‘thank you’.

13 You have saved my life from death.

You keep me safe so that I do not fall.

As a result, I will serve you, God,

as you give me light to live here on earth.